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Vol 92 (2012) Determination of the SLR stations coordinates in 1994-2008 Abstract   PDF
Stanisław Schillak
Vol 97 (2014) Development of large concrete object geometrical model based on terrestrial laser scanning Abstract   pdf
Janina Zaczek-Peplinska, Paweł Popielski, Adam Kasprzak, Paweł Wójcik
Vol 96 (2014) Diversity of photogrammetric approaches for multi-purpose applications Abstract   PDF
Aleksandra Bujakiewicz, Jakub Markiewicz, Krzysztof Bakuła, Dorota Zawieska
Vol 92 (2012) Earth crust deformation in Poland: modelling and its implication for positioning with satellite based geodetic techniques Abstract   PDF
Marcin Rajner
Vol 92 (2012) Effect of laser and clock stability and meteorological conditions on gravity surveyed with the A10 free-fall gravimeter - first results Abstract   PDF
Marcin Sekowski, Jan Krynski, Przemyslaw Dykowski, Jaakko Makinen
Vol 101 (2016) Elements of an algorithm for optimizing a parameter-structural neural network Abstract   PDF
Maria Mrówczyńska
Vol 103 (2017) Evaluating the accuracy of determining coordinates of a corner of a building measured in the RTN GNSS mode, having applied the innovative algorithm of vector translation Abstract   pdf
Robert Krzyżek
Vol 95 (2013) Evolutionary strategy (µ+λ) as an instrument for determining deformation parameters of steel structures Abstract   PDF
Maria Mrówczyńska
Vol 92 (2012) From the Editor Details   PDF
Tomasz Liwosz
Vol 100 (2016): Special Issue: 25th Anniversary of the Reports on Geodesy and Geoinformatics From the Editor Details   PDF
Marcin Barlik
Vol 93 (2012) FROM THE EDITORS Details   PDF
Janusz Śledziński, Marcin Barlik
Vol 100 (2016): Special Issue: 25th Anniversary of the Reports on Geodesy and Geoinformatics Geodetic and geodynamic studies at Department of Geodesy and Geodetic Astronomy WUT Abstract   PDF
Aleksander Brzeziński, Marcin Barlik, Ewa Andrasik, Waldemar Izdebski, Michał Kruczyk, Tomasz Liwosz, Tomasz Olszak, Andrzej Pachuta, Magdalena Pieniak, Dominik Próchniewicz, Marcin Rajner, Ryszard Szpunar, Monika Tercjak, Janusz Walo
Vol 100 (2016): Special Issue: 25th Anniversary of the Reports on Geodesy and Geoinformatics Geodynamic research at the Department of Planetary Geodesy, SRC PAS Abstract   PDF
Aleksander Brzeziński, Mieczysław Jóźwik, Marek Kaczorowski, Maciej Kalarus, Damian Kasza, Wiesław Kosek, Jolanta Nastula, Zbigniew Szczerbowski, Małgorzata Wińska, Roman Wronowski, Ryszard Zdunek, Janusz B. Zieliński
Vol 92 (2012) Gravimetry for geodesy and geodynamics - brief historical review Abstract   PDF
Jan Krynski
Vol 98 (2015) Identification of the reference base for horizontal displacements by “all-pairs method” Abstract   pdf
Mieczysław Adam Kwaśniak
Vol 101 (2016) Illustrative presentation of some basic concepts of network internal reliability with a focus on engineering surveys Abstract   PDF
Witold Prószyński
Vol 100 (2016): Special Issue: 25th Anniversary of the Reports on Geodesy and Geoinformatics Implementation of satellite techniques in the air transport Abstract   PDF
Andrzej Fellner, Henryk Jafernik
Vol 103 (2017) Integrated precipitable water from GPS observations and CIMEL sunphotometer measurements at CGO Belsk Abstract   pdf
Michał Kruczyk, Tomasz Liwosz, Aleksander Pietruczuk
Vol 98 (2015) Integrated precipitable water vapour measurements at Polish Polar Station Hornsund from GPS observations verified by aerological techniques Abstract   pdf
Michał Kruczyk, Tomasz Liwosz
Vol 103 (2017) Intended use of a building in terms of updating the cadastral database and harmonizing the data with other public records Abstract   pdf
Małgorzata Buśko
Vol 92 (2012) Introduction to joint analysis of SLR and GNSS data Abstract   PDF
Karolina Szafranek, Stanisław Schillak
Vol 103 (2017) Investigation of changes of the kinematic parameters of Antarctic tectonic plate using data observations of permanent GNSS stations Abstract   pdf
Kornyliy Tretyak, Al-Alusi Forat, Holubinka Yuriy
Vol 95 (2013) Investigation of practical and theoretical accuracy of wireless indoor positioning system Ubisense Abstract   PDF
Marek Woźniak, Waldemar Odziemczyk, Kamil Nagórski
Vol 102 (2016) Investigation on reflection of tectonic pattern in ASG EUPOS data in the Sudetes and adjacent areas Abstract   PDF
Zbigniew Szczerbowski
Vol 96 (2014) Kinematics of reference height network on the territory of Rivne NPP Abstract   PDF
Kornyliy Tretyak, Sergiy Petrov, Sergiy Bokhonko, Lyubov Babiy, Oleg Shpakivskyy
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