Vol 98 (2015)

Table of Contents

Geodesy / Geosciences

Integrated precipitable water vapour measurements at Polish Polar Station Hornsund from GPS observations verified by aerological techniques pdf
Michał Kruczyk, Tomasz Liwosz 1-17
The SVM method as an instrument for the classification of vertical displacements pdf
Maria Mrówczyńska 18-27

Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Utilisation of laser scanning technology and digital images for measurements of industrial objects - a case study pdf
Dorota Zawieska, Jakub Markiewicz 28-38

Applied Geodesy

Determination of horizontal geodetic control networks for engineering objects using optoelectronic techniques pdf
Kazimierz Ćmielewski, Janusz Kuchmister, Piotr Gołuch, Izabela Wilczyńska, Krzysztof Kowalski 39-51
Contactless measurement of rectilinearity of an elongated object based on the example a crane rail pdf
Kazimierz Ćmielewski, Janusz Kuchmister, Piotr Gołuch, Henryk Bryś 52-59
Vector products as a tool for the investigation of the isometric transformation of objects pdf
Ryszard Józef Grabowski 60-71
Identification of the reference base for horizontal displacements by “all-pairs method” pdf
Mieczysław Adam Kwaśniak 72-84

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