Vol 94 (2013)

Table of Contents

Review Paper

Professor Lazzarini’s concepts in displacement measurements and analysis still valid and inspiring PDF
Witold Prószyński 1-5

Geodesy / Geosciences

Prospects of metrological provision linear geodetic of measurements on the geodetic test field PDF
I.S. Trevoho, I.M. Tsyupak 56-63


Rhumb-line sailing by computation PDF
Wacław Morgaś, Zdzisław Kopacz 14-26

Applied Geodesy

Application of inclinometer measurements for relative horizontal displacement investigations on landslide grounds PDF
Ryszard Malarski, Kamil Nagórski, Marek Woźniak 6-13
Testing of the relative precision in local network with use of the Trimble Geo XR GNSS receivers PDF
Martin Štroner, Rudolf Urban, Jakub Královič 27-36
Monitoring the dynamic deformation of the bridge structures by accelerometers PDF
Imrich Lipták 37-46
New method for determination of adjustment corrections for crane rail axes PDF
Waldemar Kamiński 47-55

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