Vol 103 (2017)

Table of Contents

Geodesy / Geosciences

An example and analysis for ambiguity resolution in the indoor ZigBee positioning system pdf
Joanna Janicka, Jacek Rapinski 1-9
Integrated precipitable water from GPS observations and CIMEL sunphotometer measurements at CGO Belsk pdf
Michał Kruczyk, Tomasz Liwosz, Aleksander Pietruczuk 46-65
Intended use of a building in terms of updating the cadastral database and harmonizing the data with other public records pdf
Małgorzata Buśko 78-93
Remote sensing to estimate saturation differences of chosen building materials using Terrestrial Laser Scanner pdf
Czesław Suchocki, Jacek Katzer, Arkadiusz Panuś 94-105
Investigation of changes of the kinematic parameters of Antarctic tectonic plate using data observations of permanent GNSS stations pdf
Kornyliy Tretyak, Al-Alusi Forat, Holubinka Yuriy 119-135

Applied Geodesy

Evaluating the accuracy of determining coordinates of a corner of a building measured in the RTN GNSS mode, having applied the innovative algorithm of vector translation pdf
Robert Krzyżek 10-21
Survey of the urban bell in the belfry of St. Trinity Church in Krosno pdf
Grzegorz Oleniacz, Izabela Skrzypczak, Lucjan Ślęczka, Tomasz Świętoń, Marta Rymar 38-45


Verification and updating of the Database of Topographic Objects with geometric information about buildings by means of airborne laser scanning data pdf
Malgorzata Mendela-Anzlik, Andrzej Borkowski 22-37

Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

The new approach of using image and range based methods for quality control of dimension stone pdf
Volodymyr Levytskyi 66-77
Accuracy investigation of creating orthophotomaps based on images obtained by applying Trimble-UX5 UAV pdf
Volodymyr Hlotov, Alla Hunina, Zbigniew Siejka 106-118

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