Airborne measurement system during validation of EGNOS/GNSS essential parameters in landing

Andrzej Fellner, Henryk Jafernik


The air transport requires certificate of ground and deck devices, systems and adequate procedures. However applied geodetic techniques and measuring technologies depend on taken undertakings.  If one should precisely put standard ground systems and the navigational assistance are overbalancing static geodetic techniques and measuring technologies. However operational activity, depending on the phase of the flight a real requires applying geodetic techniques and measuring „technologies time”.  As part of conducted air tests they made the validation of four fundamental parameters (accuracy, credibility, availability, continuity) of satellite EGNOS, GNSS signals, made as part of European projects: “Support to the EGNOS APV Operational Implementation – APV MIELEC”, air tests enabled to draw right procedures up and to apply satellite signals in the air transport.  Details will be presented in the following article.


Flight Validation; RNAV; EGNOS/GNSS; LPV

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