Geodynamic research at the Department of Planetary Geodesy, SRC PAS

Aleksander Brzeziński, Mieczysław Jóźwik, Marek Kaczorowski, Maciej Kalarus, Damian Kasza, Wiesław Kosek, Jolanta Nastula, Zbigniew Szczerbowski, Małgorzata Wińska, Roman Wronowski, Ryszard Zdunek, Janusz B. Zieliński


The Department of Planetary Geodesy of the Space Research Centre PAS has been conducting research on a broad spectrum of problems within a field of global dynamics of the Earth. In this report we describe the investigations on selected subjects concerning polar motion (modeling and geophysical interpretation of the Chandler wobble, hydrological excitation of seasonal signals, search for optimal prediction methods), tectonic activity in the region of the Książ Geodynamic Laboratory of the SRC PAS, and finally the new joint Polish-Italian project GalAc analyzing feasibility and usefulness of equipping second-generation Galileo satellites with accelerometers.


Department of Planetary Geodesy; Geodynamic Research

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